Backdoor Bakery Recipes

Burrito Cake

A few weeks ago i got a request for a very unique for the folks from Fulfords and the cake was so unique I just had to share it with you all. It was a burrito cake, yes as in the big Mexican wrap, and was quite a task to make.


The base of the cake was easy. It was a simple rectangular vanilla sponge with a few very thin layers of cream. I laid off doing the usual thick divide with the cream because I knew I’d be doing so much sugar work and shaping with icing that it would have caused a sweetness overload for anyone looking to tuck in.


If you look at the picture I took before sending it off, you’ll see the ‘inside’ it layer after layer of typical burrito fillings. Of course I didn’t stuff the entire cake like this or else I couldn’t even call it a cake. I used a different number of colourings to get the colours just right. The hardest part was trying to get the right amount of different green tones for the avocado, beans and lettuce.


My favourite little part of the cake is the dipping pots on the side. I made the tortilla chips as thick as possible so that you could really dip them in to the drips. The sour cream is really cream frosting, the guacamole is mint chocolate and the salsa at the back is strawberry.


I'd like to thank everyone at their office for the feedback on the cake. If you're ever looking for a good estate agent, then makes sure to visit Fulfords in Dawlish webpage.